COVID-19: Industry Impact Insights

Change in Card Volume from February to March
The pain that merchants and their payments providers are feeling differs drastically based on the industries they are in, as well as their geographic location.

In an effort to continue educating payments companies on the impacts of COVID-19, The Strawhecker Group (TSG), using its Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM) platform, reviewed a sample of nearly 1 million merchants across the United States to understand the change in their card volume from February to March.

Complete the form to download an infographic illustrating card volume changes across several industries, as well as maps highlighting the month-over-month change in daily spend for the top 20 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).

How Accurate is the Data?
The data illustrated comes from real, merchant-level data from TSG's AIM platform of nearly 4 million merchants. Stemming from over 30 portfolios, AIM harmonizes all data to ensure consistency and accuracy. For comparison, The U.S. Census Bureau prepares monthly estimates using a sample of approximately 5,500 questionnaires.

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