COVID-19: Geographic Insights

Geographic "Snapback" Insights
TSG overlaid spend metrics and economic data across the nation's 10 largest states (by population) to determine their ability to snapback from COVID-19.

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Quick Hits

  • Economic Snapback - data revealed that Ohio fares the best for a potentially faster economic recovery
  • Merchant Acquiring Snapback - data revealed that Georgia fares the best for a potentially faster recovery of merchant acquiring profitability

About the Data
TSG leveraged a combination of primary and secondary research techniques from its Market Intelligence Team to uncover the addressed data points, as available. The highlighted merchant acquiring metrics are sourced from TSG’s proprietary AIM analytics platform comprising over 3.7 million card-accepting merchants, which accounts for nearly half of all card accepting merchants in the U.S. Learn more about AIM or email us to schedule a demo today.